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Oceans From Space Activities

The Remote Sensing
Integrated Unit

This unit is a comprehensive collection of activities related to satellites and remote sensing. The purpose of this unit is to provide students with an opportunity to learn a large number of new concepts via an easy-to-use format. By integrating the topic of remote sensing into many different academic subject areas the learners will have greater opportunity for review and retention. Students will learn about remote sensing by doing a variety of primarily hands-on activities, make the comprehension of a relatively difficult subject possible and enjoyable.

Some of the lessons in this unit were written by our staff, we found the others on the wonderful world wide web. Each lesson is complete and even includes links to printable materials for your photocopying needs. Though you can travel through the lessons in any order you choose, it is best to start with lesson one and end with lesson four as some of the later activities may require certain prerequisite knowledge learned via the earlier lessons. Another option is to "team teach" the unit. This would mean that the History teacher would teach the history lesson, the Art teacher would teach the art lesson, etc. We at Making Waves are certain that your students will enjoy all the activities, regardless of the delivery method you choose.

Lesson One: Remote Sensing in History This is an excellent activity created by NASA. It covers the basic concept of remote sensing, Q and A for discussion, and key terms. It even has an online quiz and word search. We recommend that you start here. Go through the entire site with your students. It's a great starting point.
Lesson Two: Sensory Remote Sensing This is a wonderful activity to familiarize students with the concept of "remote sensing." By using their "senses" students "remotely" create a diagram of a classroom. This strong hands-on activity offers students the opportunity to create a black-and-white or color diagram, to explore their senses, and to work as a team.
Lesson Three: Graphing Stratospheric Ozone This site combines a number of academic areas, namely Mathematics, Geography and Science. Students are asked to observe data and then create a graph using the information they have received. This site offers an excellent opportunity for any teacher who has ever taught how to interpret and graph data.
Lesson Four: Coded Signals From Space Mathematics, Art and Science are combined in this activity to help students investigate the processes involved in creating a satellite image.
Lesson Five:Visible and Infared Imaging Students practice their observation and discussion skills in this "enlightening" activity.
Lesson Six:
Earth From Space
Select the "Earth From Space" section from the Lesson Plan area of this wonderful site. This lesson will help students improve their research and writing skills.
Lesson Seven: Create Your Own Satellite Created by our Making Waves staff member Diane Erwin, this activity is a comprehensive culmination of all the other lessons. Complete with everything from letters to parents to detailed photos, this lesson opens the door to creativity as students create their own satellites from everyday household objects.








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